A strain refers to a type of injury that occurs in the muscle or tendon of soft tissue. Our body is comprised of many types of tissues. One of the more dynamic tissues are the muscles that are present throughout. These muscles allow for our active movements. Without muscles and their contractile ability we would be of limited usefulness as these tissues contract and relax to bend and straighten our limbs, joints, neck and back. This nice mobility also comes with its risk for injury. A strain is when you overstretch a muscle and its fibers or the tendon that attaches it to the bone. A strain can also occur when too much force is applied such as; swinging hard with a hammer or tennis racquet, or taking a long down hill hike or falling off of a surface. There are many possibilities that exist in our day to day routine that can result in a muscle strain. The bodies response is inflammation in attempt protect the injury as well as to help to initiate the healing process. There is a natural course of events that occur to promote healing of injured tissues, and how quickly we do heal is related to many factors. Healthy nutrition is paramount.

Physical Therapists are also a profession that can interject and help to promote healing as well as to initiate some mobilization that may help to limit or prevent the development of adhesions, areas of stiffness, that often result from strain injuries. Therapists also utilize modalities to help promote healing, reduce pain and reduce inflammation. After the acute phase of injury and rest rehabilitation is often necessary to regain full return of function and strength in the injured tissue.

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