Helpful Sites and Links

I hope this information may be helpful to you. Look for more updates in the future!

APTA : This is the professional site for Physical Therapy and can be a good resource as well as supply information about The Profession of Physical Therapy.

APTAof MA: APTAof MA This is the local site for the State of Massachusetts APTA

APTA: FIT FACTOR use this survey to determine you fitness factor and learn how to improve your overall fitness and fitness knowledge

APTA for consumers: Move Forward This site can supply you with some very helpful information about many conditions that are treated by therapists. It is a great resource for general information about how Physical Therapy and physical activity can be very beneficial to you.

Physioview: PHYSIOVIEW This site can be used to view your home exercises once you have started with Flynn Physical Therapy.

Titleist Performance Institute: TPI This site is a great resource to help improve your golf game.

Flynn Physical Therapy occasionally requests input from clients for a testimonial or review of care received at FPT. You can visit these sites @: or

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