About Flynn Physical Therapy


Flynn Physical Therapy is located at 37E Whistlestop Mall, Rockport Ma. The office is convenient to local bus and train transportation. There is ample parking available.

Flynn Physical Therapy is handicap accessible, there is an elevator to the office as well as handicap bathroom.

The office is open Mon-Fri.

Call to schedule an appointment.

Modalities utilized:: Ultrasound, Laser, Hot and Cold Therapy, Parrafin, Stability balls, Therabands, Free weights, Foam rollers, Balance boards, Stationary bike, Inversion Table,

Therapuetic Techniques utilized: Massage, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Myofascial Release Techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques, Gentle Spinal mobilizations techniques utilized to promote realignment, Peripheral joint mobilizations, Scar tissue Massage, Postural Education, Therapuetic exercise instruction (specifc to injury and recovery), Strength training: Core and Resistive strength training Techniques, Balance: Static and Dynamic, Ergonomics and work station/postural education, Home actvity modifcation education.Use of Foam Boards, Balance Boards and Therapy Balls (multiple size) to improve balance and core stability, Foam Rollers for gentle soft tissue and spinal/joint mobilisation treatments. Neurological rehabilitation techniques. Gait Training and safety education

Flynn Physical Therapy utilizes an online home exercise program Physioview to allow for comprehensive carryover of home exercise instruction. This can be very helpful and can be uploaded with additional exercises without the need to come back into the office if indicated. I find this to be one of the best programs that I obtained for the office and my patients.