A sprain refers to an injury to a ligament. We have many ligaments in various parts of our body. A ligament is a form of connective tissue that is very strong and serves to connect bones together to form a strong joint. Ligaments are strained from overuse or an overpressure applied that causes the tissue to tear. some causes of a strain could be a fall on the ankle while running, or a force applied to the knee from the side while playing a sport or skiing. Sprains can also occur in the arms such as falling on a extended arm or wrist. There are varying degrees of sprains from mild to severe. Depending on the degree of the injury different types of treatment apply. Severe strains, where the ligament is actually torn away from its attachment may require surgery and or a lengthy period of rest. Most mild to moderate sprains often respond very well to Physical Therapy treatment. RICE: rest, ice, compression and elevation are the first line of defense. Followed by Physical Therapy treament.

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